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Original Artwork 270€

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Your personal Intuitive Art Elixir original artwork (25 x 25cm on 300 g/m2 watercolour paper) mailed to you @ € 270.00 including packaging & international postage.

You will also get a short PDF document in which I provide you with an in-depth overview of the creation process of the artwork and the insights I gained during the making of your work.

>>>> BONUS:

In addition you will receive an email with a digital copy of your personal Intuitive Art Elixir to use as a background or screensaver image for your smartphone or computer.


You can easily and safely pay via PAYPAL or direct deposit into my bank account in Germany. Alternatively you are welcome to contact me to find alternative ways of energy exchange that suits us both. 

Once I receive your request and payment, I will send you a confirmation and  you will be asked to email me one recent photograph of yourself, in which your eyes are clearly visible. 

As each artwork is individually created with a lot of love and care and have become very popular, please allow 2-3 weeks from the date I receive your photograph to create your personal Intuitive Art Elixir.


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*Please note:

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical doctor or psychologist. The information on this site is based solely on my personal opinions and experiences. All clients, readers, and viewers take full personal responsibility for their own healing and any transformations resulting from working with me.

NO REFUND: As each artwork is created specifically for you with lots of time, love, talent and experience, I cannot give you a refund after the artwork has been created. Each artwork is individually and intuitively created, so I cannot tell you in advance what it will look like. From my experience and plenty of feedback I am convinced that each Art Elixir contains exactly the ‘ingredients’ you need.

COPYRIGHT: The copyright remains with the artist, Imke Rust, at all times unless otherwise agreed. By purchasing a digital Intuitive Art Elixir from me, you have the right to print out the work for your personal use. You are not allowed to reproduce the work or parts thereof in any way for commercial gain, unless agreed otherwise in writing from the artist.


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